Established as an excellent training and consultancy institute, the Royal Science and Technology Institute (RSTI) is a regional provider of sustainable development.
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Admission Process

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Admission Policies

All trainees applying to enroll in classes at the RSTI sessions will first have to fill out our admission form mandatory which have been approved by ACTVET and it will completely considered by doing so, are agreeing from the trainee admission terms and condition, stated as following:

  • The minimum requirement for admission to the activities is a minimum hi school graduation.
  • Trainee having skills in reading and writing.
  • Trainee Age must be more than 18 years old.
  • If less than 18 years old must be through parents.
  • All nationalities is accepted to attend our activities a condition the residents.
  • Based on the languages used as medium of instruction of the Institute, it is advisable that students should offer English and/or a second language
  • Admitting for the further activities programs is based on the prescribed norms of the different qualifications anaad standards.
  • The Institute, as a result of specific capacity restrictions, reserves the right to select candidates for admission to the instructional program.
  • The achievement of the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission to the instructional program.

For higher-level courses, students must also meet all stated prerequisites and, in some cases, receive approval from the instructor before gaining admittance to the class.

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